I simply loved it! Top people, fantastic teaching method! I will definitely come back to learn more from Pamela. Thank you for your patience and dedication. See you soon!

Susana Lima

Words were never enough to thank me for how much I learned... and how much I still want to learn from you Pamela... I recommend... for me the best without any doubt... I'll be back soon!

Vânia Mendes

I recommend it, without a shadow of a doubt! I loved! I will definitely go back, it was well worth the 100 or so kms!! Congratulations, you make a fantastic duo, I wish you many, many successes.5*PS..That mousse...aiiii

Marthelena Ferreira

I had the privilege of meeting her and training with her, an excellent professional and person... Of the trainers I've had, she's the best of the best! I'm sorry I didn't meet her sooner... Trainer with a lot of patience!

Mariana Fernandes

I highly recommend it! Without a doubt, the best training sessions I've ever taken were here, with Pamela and Stef! I left all the training motivated to try to do more and better, because Pamela is undoubtedly an inspiration in the world of nails! A little kiss from MADEIRA!

Lucina Faria

The best trainer I've had so far without a doubt! In addition to being super professional, she's super friendly and interested! Don't give up on yourself when we have difficulty! I love it and recommend it 1000%! Congratulations to the entire team and trainers!

Catarina Sousa

Yes, I recommend it! I hope I can be with you soon. Pamela is super attentive, very professional and a born artist! I love the good mood and dynamism. Well... I loved it!

Soraia Fonseca

I loved the training. I recommend. Pamela is an excellent trainer, as she is at ease with the trainees and with the technique she is teaching. It can be seen that he has a gift that was born for what he does. I loved the training!

Andreia Botelho

The best of the best without a doubt, I highly recommend it without thinking twice. He left every formation with the greatest desire for the next one to come. 5* team, attentive, friendly, creative, kind, or the best you can find!

Sofia Pestana

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