Biosafety Training
Biosafety Training
Biosafety Training
Biosafety Training

Biosafety Training

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You can watch whenever and wherever you want!
Access to the Online class for 3 Months.
The Training that was missing at the top of your CV has arrived in online format and promises to reach everyone!

The term biosafety corresponds to the set of actions aimed at prevention and elimination of risks inherent to research, production, teaching and technological development of services, aimed at the health of humans and animals, the preservation of the environment and the quality of results.

(COSTA, 2000; HIRATA & FILHO, 2002).

Such a little explored and extremely important subject!

This training aims to resolve and clarify all doubts on this subject and has the special participation of Nurse Jorge Carvalho and Nurse Liliana Bernardo with content, advice and golden tips especially aimed at Nail Techniques that you won't want to miss!
Do you have any idea how many risks you are exposed to on a daily basis as a professional? How to protect yourself effectively?
Do you know how to treat your work instruments after use or are you doing it correctly?
After the Covid phase, do you need to recover or increase your customers’ confidence?
This training will give you the necessary leverage for clients to gain confidence again and you will stand out for your professionalism and rigor
Do you want to set up your ES (sterilization room) and don't know where to start?
How to implement measures in the salon? How to proceed?
Remember that your safety and health, as well as that of your client, will always come first!

Security is trust!

So many questions that will definitely be clarified!!
With practical and theoretical component.

So what will we learn?
Check out all the program content below!

The importance of Biosafety:

- Cross-contamination and imminent risks in the salon

- Exposure of professionals and the importance of PPE

- Adoption of Biosafety measures

- Classification of materials and procedures

- Sanitization and disinfection

- Sterilization by moist and dry heat (autoclave vs oven)

The Sterilization Process in practice:

- Sanitization and disinfection of instruments

- Packaging, organization of kits and labeling

- Sterilization and storage of instruments

- Monitoring and control of the sterilization process

Design your Sterilization Room:

- Spatial organization to create an SE in a salon

- Options and equipment adjusted to needs

- Products, solutions and procedure methods

- Organization and management of effective routines

✅ Videos available for 3 months so you can review and get the most out of this training, including setting up your sterilization room.

✅ HD/FULL HD quality.

✅ Follow-up to clarify doubts.

✅ You can now learn on your cell phone, tablet or computer (with internet access).

✅ Certificate of Participation upon completion of the Training/Workshop.
This training is taught by Trainer Pamela Sousa with the special participation of Nurses Jorge Carvalho and Liliana Bernardo.

This training will be an asset to your salon and your clients, and above all to you, as a person and professional.