Art Gel White
Art Gel White

Art Gel White

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A new generation of colorful and special gels for nail art that will take your creativity to another level! Paintgel with a dense texture, highly pigmented, gum-free and with great coverage capacity, with surprising results in a single layer! It doesn't flow or move, even in longer works, ideal for popular techniques like Wet on Wet or One Stroke, or for perfect gradients with smooth transitions! All colors are mixable and compatible with each other, the variety of tones you can create from the original colors is endless!
They come in sealed 5ml tubes, packaged in elegant individual boxes and available in more than 15 colors.

Pamela's tip: the ideal would be to get an opaque box or palette with a lid so that you can deposit all your colors in an organized way and make your personalized mixtures, this way you can always have them ready to work at any time, protected from light and sunlight. dust.

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