Aurora Glass Foil Set

Aurora Glass Foil Set

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The Aurora effect glass sheet set. Aurora glass sheets are thinner, so they stay on the surface of the nail better and are easier to handle and shape. 

There are 5 colors in the box, two rolls of each color. The size of the rolls is 2.5x100cm. 

Glass films, like transfer films, come in an attractive box, which can be used perfectly to organize other nail art products after using the films. 

It is worth cutting the leaves into small pieces and embedding them in a layer of transparent gelatin , then cover with another transparent layer and, after gluing, if necessary, carefully shape the nail, as it can easily get stuck in the paper aluminum. Installation using the swarf-free technique is recommended.

CN Tip: Cut a row of aluminum foil into small pieces and store it that way! For more special effects, top with Mattever Matt Top Gel.

And don't forget to purchase Pro Foil , a product that will help give the nail adhesion.