12 Liter Class B Autoclave with Printer
12 Liter Class B Autoclave with Printer

12 Liter Class B Autoclave with Printer

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Class B Autoclave 12 Liter
New model with built-in printer
silent mode - compact and durable
CAPACITY: 12 Liters. 
MEASUREMENTS: 420x370x595 mm. 
WEIGHT: 40 kg. 
CYCLE REPORT: Printer and USB.

The safest and most complete sterilization through moist heat.

Autoclaves have become basic devices for sterilizing our salon instruments, as well as laboratory material and other elements that require an exhaustive process of eliminating microbes and spores.

The sterilization method using these autoclaves is based on moist heat, which requires temperatures higher than boiling, ranging from 121° to 134°. A process that is, without a doubt, the best option to avoid the risk of infections in patients and clients of beauty or tattoo centers.

Strong points:

- The double safety system prevents the device from starting if it is poorly sealed.

- Printer to be able to make copies and save the results of the reports.

- Internal water tanks (clean and used).

- Option to add extra tray.

- The autoclave performs operations in 'silent mode' (Max noise level: <70 dB).

- The autoclave has a triple alarm system (failure, door, low water level) that warns if the device is not in perfect condition for use.

- The device has numerous sterilization programs.

- The autoclave includes 3 instrument trays.

- The safety valves ensure that the generator and chamber do not suffer from overpressure.

Sterilization Programs:

Autoclave maintenance: Autoclaves are very delicate products and require careful treatment. responsible, precise and professional . Here we give you some keys to ensure that your device has the longest possible life and works optimally:

- Changing the door rubber. When we see that the rubber inside the device is worn out, we need to change it. The process is simple but you have to do it with fear. We have to adjust the circular rubber on the autoclave drum by marking the four cardinal points (North, South, East and West) to finish adjusting it with our finger.

- Door adjustment. Between the plastic housing and the metal housing is the screw that adjusts the autoclave door. Once we have the door, we insert the key to make the door the way it best suits our needs.

- Changing filters. The filters are located at the bottom of the chamber, so we must remove the metal trays inside. Once we find the filter, the only thing we have to do is change it to one in better condition.

- Autoclave cleaning cycle. Approximately every 100 operations, the autoclave will request internal cleaning. This internal cleaning process is automated. All you have to do is press a button for the operation to be carried out.

- Remember, for the autoclave to function correctly you need to use distilled water.

Technical Features:

- Nominal voltage: 220-240 VAC; 50/60Hz; 10A
- Camera dimensions: 17cm x 32 cm
- Circuit breaker: F16A / 400V
- Nominal Power: 1500 VAI
- Sterilization temperature: 121 ºC / 134 ºC
- Distilled water tank capacity: 2.5 L
- Operating temperature: 5ºC / 40ºC
- Relative operating humidity: Max. 80%, non-condensed
- External dimensions: 41.4 x 36.5 x 53 cm
- Net weight: 40 kg
- Max noise level: <70 dB
- Operating atmospheric pressure: 76 kPa / 106 kPa


- Sterilizer
- 2 instrument trays
- Tray support
- Cable for extracting the trays
- Door adjustment tool
- 2 drain trays
- Gasket for the door
- Instruction manual

Certificates and regulations:

- Pressure Team Directive 97/23/EC
- Directive 93/42/EEC class II-a medical devices
- Regulation EM13060 on small steam sterilizers
- EM61010-1 Safety Regulation for Laboratory Apparatus
- Safety regulation EM 61010-2-040 for medical material sterilizers
- Electromagnetic compatibility regulation EM 61326-1

Warranty: The device has a 1-year warranty.

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