Crystal Nails Catalyst
Crystal Nails Catalyst

Crystal Nails Catalyst

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The Favorite UVLED Lamp Catalyst LedExtreme is not only attractive and reliable, but also makes daily work much easier with its many practical functions: motion sensor control by button, 5 types of timing and "LOW HEAT MODE" and "LOW HEAT MODE" functions. SLEEPING MODE". Therefore, it is not only an essential aid at work, but thanks to the "SLEEPING MODE" function, it can even reduce unnecessary energy consumption to a minimum. High performance and fast, reliable reconnection are not a problem. With its ideally positioned high-performance UVLED lamps and a lower mirror panel, all materials come together quickly and safely under its light. Easy-to-remove magnetic attachment and bottom mirror panel for maintenance and pedicure is not a hindrance. For the sake of uniqueness, you can easily brighten your table with the help of a replaceable silicone table top. It is designed for heavy use. Feel free to try it!

"LOW HEAT MODE" - reduces the burning sensation on the surface of the nail plate during gluing.
"SLEEPING MODE" - energy saving function, which automatically turns on after 30 minutes if the device is not in use. Favorite LEDExtreme+ UVLED bulbs have been added with a new energy saving function: Sleeping Mode .

This automatic function takes effect after 30p if the device is not in use. With its help, unnecessary energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. To exit the function, simply press any control button twice in a row. More information about the function can be found in the device user manual. Instructions can be downloaded below, after the presentation text.

Designed for professional, heavy-duty use.

The light and small exterior hasn't changed anything, but the knowledge even more so. It is equipped with 33 optimally positioned UVLED burners , push-button and motion sensor control, and a durable plastic inner lid. With its double light range (365+405nm) and 48W power , you can quickly and safely turn on even your light-sensitive materials. Thanks to its popular "Low Heat Mode" function , materials suddenly becoming hot on the nail are no longer a problem. Base mirror panel with magnetic attachment can be removed in one movement, so foot use is not a hindrance and maintenance is also faster. For the sake of extra exclusivity, you can easily brighten up your table with the help of a replaceable silicone table top .

Timing: 10s, 30s, 60s, 90s "Low Heat" and extra 120s with motion sensor control.

Accessories: 1 white silicone case, network adapter