Expert Cuticle Pusher 52/1
Expert Cuticle Pusher 52/1

Expert Cuticle Pusher 52/1

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Professional Cuticle Spatula PE-52-1 Staleks Pro

Formats: Two concave blades.

Tool Size: 150mm

Recommended for: Manicure and gel nail polish removal.

Unparalleled Quality

Made from AISI 420 Steel.

Corrosion resistance

Treatment with special paste in AISI 420 stainless steel, provides greater resistance to corrosion.


Design designed for perfect fit of the nail plate;

Blade inclination angle for complete cuticle removal;

Handle with excellent grip in the hands of the professional.


Manually sharpened at the factory, with the brand's expert technique;

Knife slightly sharp on both sides.