Pro Black Aesthetic Table
Pro Black Aesthetic Table
Pro Black Aesthetic Table

Pro Black Aesthetic Table

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We present our Aesthetic Table with Lightweight Aluminum Structure, essential equipment for any beauty or massage professional. This item is designed to provide comfort and versatility to your customers, allowing you to offer high-quality services with ease.

Portable Table

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame: Our couch is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame, making it easy to transport and move as needed. This feature is especially convenient for professionals who want to quickly set up their workspace.

  • Facial Hole: Includes a facial hole for added convenience during facials or massage therapies. This allows clients to rest their face comfortably during the procedure.

More pratice

  • Backrest Reclining: The couch has a backrest reclining mechanism, allowing you to adjust the inclination according to the customer's needs. This ensures that each session is personalized for maximum comfort.

  • Neck Massage Head: We have included a head support designed specifically for neck massage therapies. This ensures that customers enjoy a relaxing and effective experience.


Upholstered in High Quality PVC: The upholstery is made of resistant, high quality PVC. In addition to being durable, it is easy to clean, which makes equipment maintenance and hygiene easier.

This couch is the perfect choice for beauticians, masseuses and therapists who want to offer a first-class service to their clients. It is designed to be durable, functional and easy to clean, ensuring you have the best working experience possible.

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