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Semi-permanent construction bases for strengthening and leveling nails are the product of the moment!

Among the currently known Builder Base Gels, this is the star product! High resistance, low acidity and strong adhesion. Specially developed for strengthening and leveling technique. It contains tiny fibers of synthetic silk , which not only make the material resistant, but also maintain its elasticity, help to form the surface and speed up the catalysis process. With the help of threads, it is much easier to form a smooth and natural apex, the material holds together for a long time and prevents it from flowing to the sides. The strengthening technique is accelerated both by the special texture and the strong adhesion of the product, making it also ideal for weak and problematic nails.

Level controlled and uniform, easy and quick to achieve a natural finish! Allows filing if necessary for small corrections after catalysis.

Does not heat up when it catalyzes, does not cause burns on the nail plate

Low acidity , ideal characteristic for self-leveling base gels

Product of high profitability, zero filing

Perfect density and texture

Flexible and resistant

Ideal for salon techniques, including babyboomer and French

Wide variety of colors available in 10ml

Sense Deluxe Gel Base, part of the Crystal Nails luxury product range

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